Fabulous Tasmania – World Class Wineries

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The world-famous Tasmanian Wineries are a must-see. They are located just about an hour drive from Melbourne in the region of Barwon Heads. They have won more than 30 awards and have a reputation as one of the best Australian vineyards. Belmont Wines is the main winery. It is owned by Tony de Saussure, Peterrine Wines and Peterrine Wines. Both are Tasmanian-based Wines producers.

Tasmanian Wineries


Of all the wineries in Tasmania, the TASMA (Tasmanian Wine Masters Association) Southport Station Wines and TASMA North West Tasmanian Wineries are probably the most popular. Two sites worth visiting are located just a few minutes away from TASMA: Southport Station Visitor Centre or the Glass House Tours. Each offers a tour through the winery. You can take your tram from the hotel to the winery, and then walk through the tunnels and dark cellars.


The Launceston Wines and TASMA headquarters are located at launceston, a charming historic town on the south coast of Australia. A small number of Tasmanian wineries can be found here. They primarily produce red and white wines. White Tail Red and Black Thunder Casks, Horseshoe Rogue Casks, Horseshoe Rose Casks, and Horseshoe Rogue Casks are some of the most popular wine varieties. Other varieties are available from Australia and around the world.


Tasmanian Vineyards produce another famous wine, the Tassie. According to some, the cooler climate is what led to the creation of the Tassie which can be found in the Tamar Valley, New South Wales. In fact, the area was once part of the Bass Island. Pinot noir is the most widely distributed grape in the world. The Tassie grows best in cooler weather. This wine is a great addition to Shiraz and Pinot Gris.


A number of small vineyards exist in the Tamar Valley. Mt Hotham Vineyard is one of these small vineyards. It’s known for producing tight and richly colored reds. Mt Hotham Vineyard produces a white wine called Hotham Creek. Thalgo is located close to Mt Hotham Vineyard and is well-known for producing sparkling white wines.


You can also enjoy delicious Australian food and wines from the wineries. There are many restaurants that offer international cuisines such as Greek fish and chip and Japanese sushi. This is a great place to eat if you are able to visit outside peak times as they tend not be as expensive. There are many cafes around the country house cafes that specialize in producing quality Australian teas and cafe lattes. These cafes make the best and most relaxing afternoon tea experiences for visitors.


Summer is when Tasmania’s vineyards produce some of their finest fruit wines. When you visit, sample some of the amazing summer wines like the White Zinfandel and the Black Beauty? Another popular summer vintage is the Merlion. Some of the best summer wines are available from the Penfold Vineyards and from St Kilda Winery. Local vineyards also produce exceptional Chardonnays. Pinots.


There are also some outstanding sparkling wines available from renowned wineries such as La Trattoria or Penfold in the state of Tamar Valley. The sparkling wines from this valley are made using a variety of grapes such as the syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and grenache. You can have an exciting wine tasting experience at some of the vineyards of Tamar Valley.


Wines from Tasmania come carefully aged in oak barrels. There are varieties such as the Sherry and the Merlot, which have very distinctive taste and color. Before you decide which one to like, it is best that you taste all the varieties. Margaret River, Barossa Valley (Armidale), Launceston and Melbourne are some of Australia’s most renowned wine regions. You can also see the history of winemaking in these areas.


Many Australian wineries send wines to famous international events and wine fairs such as The Australian International Wines Awards. Spend some time in Tasmania to enjoy the stunning scenery. A must see tourist destination is Tamar Valley. Here you can enjoy a wide range of wines from Chardonnay Pinot Noir to sparkling wines like sparkling wines, Merlot and Pinot Meunier. Tamar Valley’s best season is from May through October.


A guided tasting can be enjoyed at any Tasmanian Wineries. Make sure you visit Fowlers, Glass House Museum, and Fowlers during your tour. As you will be touring these beautiful wineries during summer there won’t be much of a tourist rush as they are mostly closed to visitors other than local people. It is better to book your flights in advance so you don’t miss out on any tastings. If you are interested in tasting and winning in Tasmania, then please read this article.