Australian Biggest Wine Brands

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It is not unusual for a country like Australia to have its own largest producer of wines, which is the state of New South Wales. This country produces more than half of the world’s largest Australian wine brands and this industry has a major impact on the Australian economy. There is also a high demand for Australian wine, as it is one of the most popular international wines on the market. Some of the most popular Australian brands include Ballantyne’s White Zinfandel and McEwan’s Shiraz.

Biggest Australian wine brands


Victoria is currently the second-largest producer of wine in Australia. It is a large wine-producing region in the South West of Australia. This area also has the world’s largest aborigine population. The Blackall Range is the largest producer in this region and it is very famous for its sparkling wines. Other famous areas for growing vines in Australia include Bathurst North, Barossa Valley, and MacDonnell River.


Western Australia is currently the third-largest producer of wine in Australia. The main wine-producing region here is Margaret River. This region is best known for its sparkling wines and the largest national wine museum in the world is based here. The largest producer of reds in Australia is Margaret River. It is said that this area produces around thirty percent of the world’s best red wines.